Planting Accessories

- Potted Wildflowers Only Available Until Sept. 30 (Farm Pickup Only)
- Bare-Root Trees & Shrubs Available for Farm Pickup or Shipping the Week Before Thanksgiving (Nov. 12-18)
- Spring Bare-Roots Available for Sale Starting in December
- Potted Trees, Shrubs & Wildflowers Available Again in the Spring
Potted plants and planting accessories can be scheduled for pick up at the farm Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm (other times may be available upon request)
Bare-root plants and biochar can be picked up or shipped (selected at checkout). We’ll get in touch to schedule once your order is placed. 
Fall bare-roots will be available for pickup or shipping the week before Thanksgiving (weather dependent). We’ll make sure to let you know the before they ship.