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How to Plant from Fabric Root-Prune Pouches

Posted by: Arthur’s Point Farm


June 29, 2023

How to plant a tree or wildflower from a fabric root-prune pouch is different than planting from a plastic pot. The fabric pot allows for the roots to grow into the fabric where the fine roots are pruned rather than forced into unhealthy circling that occurs in an impermeable plastic pot. This requires the fabric pot to be cut away to preserve the fine roots for optimal transplanting and healthy plants. The video below demonstrates how to do this successfully.

Plastic pots tend to stress plants due to wide temperature fluctuations and root spiraling that inhibits successful transplanting. Yet, potted plants provide great flexibility for planting compared with bare-roots that can only be planted while dormant in early spring and late fall. Fabric root-prune pots use a mixture of recycled fibers and recycled plastic to form a durable, environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional plastic pots. We embed the pots in a thick layer of wood chips in our nursery to retain moisture and keep the roots cool. Our potting soil is a peat-free mix that includes worm castings, coco coir, pine bark fines, and rice hulls. We amend this OMRI-certified potting mix with our farm-produced biochar compost. 

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